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Toilet Paper Holder/Stocker Toilet Paper Holder/Stocker
Kanamono Toilet Paper Holder
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Kanamono Toilet Paper Holder with Cover - Rikumo Kanamono Toilet Paper Holder with Cover - Rikumo
Sinafu Small Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey) Sinafu Small Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)
Sinafu Small Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black) Sinafu Small Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black)
Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey) Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)
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Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black) Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black)
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Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey) Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)
Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black) Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black)
S. Morishita Cup S. Morishita Cup
S. Morishita Cup
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Sasawashi Room Shoes Sasawashi Room Shoes
Sasawashi Room Shoes, Camel
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Japanese Bath Accessories

Alleviate stress with our calming nature-inspired bath accessories! Promoting wellness through beauty and function is our passion. Each handcrafted and authentic Japanese accessory at Rikumo is backed by fundamentals such as durability, simplicity, and elegance that brighten the balance of any master bathroom or guest restroom. 

High-Quality Japanese Bath Accessories

When it comes to sourcing and curating our contemporary goods, we look to the origins of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. These origins include iconic bamboo forests and devoted workshops throughout the region. With a heightened focus on renewable resources, sustainable production, and intriguing design, unwavering quality upholds all items in our Japanese shop. 

If your bathing spaces could benefit from soft and resilient textiles, selections from Morihata, Sasawashi, Moku, and Lana will enrich your daily experience. Start your day by slipping into a pair of cozy and breathable Linen Room Shoes. Wash away the morning fatigue and toxins with our powerful exfoliating towels from Sasawashi. As you step out of the shower or tub, experience cloud-like comfort as the Ishikoro stone bath mat soothes your feet and reminds you to enjoy the little moments in life. 

We believe that the bathroom should serve as a restorative and meditative space. As you browse our collection, we encourage you to get in touch with our helpful team to learn more about our organic materials and product benefits, and to discover practical design recommendations for any bathroom theme. Whichever luxurious bath accessories you choose, we hope that our fulfilling selection adds meaningful value to every tranquil meditation and energizing self-care routine. 

Bath Accessories Suitable for All Skin Types

Many of our natural bath products feature antibacterial, deodorizing, and beneficial product elements that work in harmony with the skin. For example, our luxuriously soft face scrub towel from Sasawashi enriches the skin with antibacterial Kumazasa fibers and highly absorbent washi paper to eliminate grime, oils, and other toxins with every wash. Alongside beneficial weave compositions and design features, many of our trending bath accessories boast enhanced breathability and durability for ease of care, mildew prevention, and long-term enjoyment. 


What Makes These Japanese Bath Accessories Unique?

Local sourcing and generations of crafting excellence guide the partners who uphold our vision at Rikumo. By fusing traditional crafting techniques with the latest in contemporary elegance, our bath accessories serve as a bridge between authenticity and everyday value. 

As you walk into the bathroom, the welcoming décor and useful accessories have the power to positively influence your experience. The simple addition of an inviting bath mat, a softer Japanese face towel, or an eye-catching towel rack can dramatically uplift the energy of your bathroom. 

Best of all, our transformative bath accessories flow with open-ended design styles of every theme. If your restroom features bright and colorful elements, our charming and calming elements can introduce a soothing balance to the equation. 

Alternatively, if your space is defined by tranquil tones and neutral colors, our wellness accessories can add an intriguing depth with matching notes or a sharp contrast with vivid upgrades like our vintage hooks and hangers.  

Start Shopping Today!

Indulge in deeper relaxation and restoration with any of our creative bathroom adornments. However ambitious your design aspirations may be, we are happy to help you transform your dreams into reality with personalized insights to elevate every element of your bathroom. 

Love the style of our Japanese bath accessories and need assistance finding complementary upgrades for the rest of your home? Get in touch with our design professionals at Rikumo for theme-specific guidance and product recommendations to enhance your entire home today! 

Discover more about our products, collections, designs, and behind-the-scenes stories by contacting us here.