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Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Charcoal Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Charcoal
Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Charcoal
Sale price$36.00

1 color available

Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Brown Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Brown - Rikumo
Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Brown
Sale price$36.00

1 color available

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Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Red Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Red
Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Red
Sale price$36.00

1 color available

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Sasawashi Room Shoes Sasawashi Room Shoes
Sasawashi Room Shoes, Camel
Sale priceFrom $95.00

1 color available

Rikumo Six-Panel Baseball Cap Rikumo Six-Panel Baseball Cap

Japanese Apparel & Footwear

The comforts of home intertwine with ever-useful utility in our curated apparel and footwear collection! Find a captivating selection of cozy wearables, brighten your attire with eye-catching contrast, or unwind after a stressful day in a silky-soft pair of our finest bedroom slippers.

From the hearts and minds of our sustainable and ethical design partners in Japan, we invite you to explore the intricacies of each item. You will discover handcrafted artistry, high-quality local sourcing, and a consistent theme throughout; product beauty, simplicity, and multipurpose functionality that adds value to every day.

Explore Our Authentic Japanese Apparel & Footwear

Comfort should be at the foundation of your lifestyle. Taking action to care for your feet is a wise investment, and our dependable home line does just that. Start with a pair of Sasawashi, Moku, silk, or recycled cotton socks to honor your feet with eco-friendly warmth and all-day breathability. Perfect for lazy days at home, thoughtful gifts, and busy work days, our soft and stylish socks help you start your day on the right foot. 

Looking for other stylish and useful additions to your home collection? Our traditional Japanese goods infuse classic design with a contemporary twist. Enrich your lifestyle with any of these fan-favorite accessories: 

  • The Moku Linen Apron: Our top pick for a gourmet kitchen experience. Available in three elegant tones, this lightweight cotton and linen apron is worn comfortably around the waist or neckline for enduring style and kitchen prep kept clean.  
  • Knitwin Silk Arm Warmers: Often underutilized, but oh-so useful, silk arm warmers are the perfect accessory for the colder seasons. Instead of putting away your favorite t-shirts and blouses, extend the longevity of your spring and summer wardrobe with a set of our comforting arm warmers to accompany your newest look this season. 
  • The Haolu Cotton Wool Stole: Wear any way you like while protecting yourself from the chill and sun. This versatile, mid-weight accessory can be worn as a scarf or shawl, or used as a cozy blanket on the go. Toasty yet breathable, this multipurpose accessory belongs in every wardrobe. 

While you’re at it, be sure to check out our creative hat styles, Japanese skincare line, and other everyday items for sale.

What Makes Japanese Bedroom Slippers Unique?

Slide into a pair of our bedroom slippers any time of day. Working from home or enjoying a relaxing weekend with the family? Our casual wear has become the new standard for every moment at home. Whether you go with a cloud-like pair of cotton and linen or a cozy wool-lined pair for colder days, your feet will be forever grateful. Grab a pair of our bedroom slippers for you, your family, a friend, and anyone else who could benefit from a luxurious foot treatment. 

Our Japanese exclusives stem from generations of crafting excellence. All sourced by hand, we curate each room shoe that makes it into our collection. The proud and skilled craftspeople of Moku, Lana, Sasawashi, and ABE are determined to uphold our values of sustainable, ethical, and dependable product quality.

Benefits of Using Bedroom Slippers

Casual wear is beneficial for several reasons. If you suffer from dry, cracking, and achy feet, a high-quality pair of slippers is the perfect way to improve your moisturization and self-care routine. Our soothing slippers help to retain moisturizers applied, while simultaneously warming your feet for improved blood flow and foot health.

Bedroom slippers also promote hygiene with every wear. Instead of tracking mud or outdoor debris through the house, simply change into your bedroom slippers every time you come home. Buy a pair for every family member to keep your house shoe-free and clean from now on! 

Bedroom slippers are the best decision you can make if you have cold tiles or hardwood at home. Instead of bracing for the frigid floor chill, choose any of our luxurious bedroom slippers, and frozen feet become a thing of the past. 

Start Shopping With Us Today!

While exploring our slippers, accessories, and Japanese towels, our insightful guides at Rikumo are here to help you elevate your decor and self-care routine! Tell us about your design preferences and home theme, and our knowledgeable team will help you bring your vision to life! 

Discover more about our products, collections, designs, and behind-the-scenes stories by contacting us here.