Yuta Brass Scoop - Plane

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Complete your teaware collection with an artisan scoop made from solid brass. These beautifully swept, unibody spoons allow you to gracefully scoop and transfer your favorite teas (or anything else that needs scooping) while elevating your enjoyment of your daily rituals.

About Yuta
Yuta Tool & Jewelry is a maker of fine brass jewelry, tableware, and flatware from Osaka, Japan. With their focus on accessories and cutlery, they are uniquely positioned to elevate the personal adornments of your everyday life.

Materials: Brass
Dimensions: Plane 5: 3.09” L x 1.44” W, Plane 6: 3.21” L x 1.34” W, Plane 7: 4.11” L x .75” W
Osaka, Japan