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Yasuhide Ring

With a time-worn glint and a vintage textured surface, the Yasuhide Ring embodies the quiet power of simplicity. Made by hand from 18K gold, this slim band weaves around your finger like a golden vine. 

Each piece comes in an indigo handmade pouch for safekeeping and gift-giving. 

About Yasuhide Ono
Artist Yasuhide Ono began making jewelry while traveling the world. Inspired by the history of natural stones and braiding, he creates pieces that bring the organic wonder of nature into everyday life. No pre-made metal fittings are used in his work; instead, Ono incorporates stones, beads, and original clasps together by hand using an ancient Japanese braiding technique. He currently lives and works out of a small studio in Fukuoka, Japan.

Materials: 18K gold
Small: Size 6, Medium: Size 7, Large: Size 8
Fukuoka, Japan

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