Yakishime Teapot

Every detail of the Yakishime teapot is designed to create an excellent tea experience. Their circular shape creates a convective drip, allowing tea leaves to gently circulate and release their full flavor. A built-in strainer retains the natural taste of tea while the iconic side handle allows you to easily pour out every single drop.
These teapots owe their earthy, matte finish to yakishime, a ceramic method where no glaze is applied prior to baking. Every pot is handcrafted and will have its own distinctive appearance.
Since 1736, the tradition of Banko-yaki has centered around the city of Yokkaichi in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. This area is well known for its temperature-retaining iron clay, which absorbs the bitterness in tea. Banko-yaki style ceramics are certified by the Japanese government as an official Japanese traditional craft.

Materials: clay
Dimensions: Height 4¼” Diameter 4”
Volume: 15 oz
Care: Not stove top or microwave safe.
Yokkaichi, Japan

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