Usuda Wooden Bowl - Elm #3

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Bring a piece of Japan’s legendary forests into your home with this tactile bowl from woodworker Kenji Usuda. This one-of-a-kind live edge wooden bowl is turned from Elm wood and features an elongated shape and striking wood grain. It is pleasingly smooth to the touch and coated in food-safe walnut oil and beeswax.

About Kenji Usuda
“Living in the woods, thinking of the woods, creating in the woods.” Kenji Usuda is an award-winning woodworker that creates meticulously crafted pieces in a studio located within a forested plot of land he purchased near his home in Shimakawa-cho, Hokkaido. In his effort to restore the vibrancy of his forest, he thins trees that he then uses in his craft. 

Materials: Elm
Dimensions: 8.66” L x 7.09” W x 2.48” H
Care: If you need to wash, wash with a minimum amount of detergent and dry thoroughly afterward. Please do not put in microwave oven or dishwasher. If needed apply walnut oil or beeswax.
Hokkaido, Japan