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Turari Wood Plate

The artfully designed Turari plate is carved from domestically-sourced wood and coated in a thin, durable lacquer to showcase the natural wood grain. With a perfectly round  shape and gently raised edge, the Turari wood plate is perfect for serving a meal or functioning as a small accessory tray. Enjoy the tactile sensibility of its ridged texture, a craft masterpiece that elevates even the simplest room.  Â

About Gato
Gato’s collection of Japanese wood and lacquer works is native to the Yamanaka region of Japan. The centuries-old manufacturing process is as delicate and detailed as the pieces themselves. From precise carving to meticulous lacquering, modern Japanese woodworking molds traditional methods into contemporary shapes. The results are elegant, amazingly lightweight pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Read more about Yamanaka lacquerware on our journal!

Materials:Â Japanese cherry wood
Dimensions: Small - Height: 1” Diameter: 4” Â
           Large - Height: 1” Diameter: 6”            Â
Care:Â Not microwave or dishwasher safe.
Yamanaka, Japan

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