Tsuchi Ceramic Bowl - Large

This handmade bowl sits perfectly on your kitchen table, ready to serve a meal for one or many. With a unique sandy tone and a subtly textured touch, the Tsuchi Ceramic bowl holds a touch of homey comfort that recalls our own timeless family cookware. 

Dating back to  the 18th century, Banko Yaki ceramics are based in Mie Prefecture and offer a rustic, handmade quality with unique heat resistance.  These earthenware pieces are made by hand in a small artist collective, honoring an ancient art in a modern world by reshaping the past to fit the needs of the future. 

Learn more about Banko Yaki ceramics on our Journal

Materials: clay, petalite
Dimensions: Height: 3½" Diameter: 8¼”
Care: Hand-wash and dry thoroughly after use. To clean, avoid using steel wool, steel scouring pads, hard detergents or abrasive cleaners. Not oven, stove-top, microwave, or dishwasher safe.
Yokkaichi, Japan

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