Timbre TAMA Door Chime

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The TAMA Door Chime produces a warm tone when gently rocked. Its simple design consists of a wooden clapper and an aluminum bell that comes in neutral colorways to blend into any interior. Its small size and gentle ring makes it well suited for an apartment. With its magnetic base, it can be attached to any ferrous metal with ease, but it also includes mounting hardware and tape for mounting to any surface you desire. Part of Timbre’s chime series designed by Mikiya Kobayashi.

About Timbre
Timbre is a collection of home accessories and design objects created with sound in mind. Appealing to both the visual and auditory senses, they aim to enrich your everyday life with gentle sounds generated by subtle movements. 

Materials: Base and Upper: Aluminum, Neodymium Magnet; Clapper: Wood
Dimensions: 2.52" W x 2.48" H x 2.64" D
Osaka, Japan