Timbre Bell Ice Tray

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Bring a little humor to your favorite chilled drink while stirring up some conversation. The Bell Ice Tray from Timbre is a simple silicone ice tray that produces 8 bell-shaped pieces of ice. Place them in your favorite glass, top with your drink of choice, and stir with the included muddler to produce a pleasing clink. Designed by Ryosuke Fukusada.  

About Timbre
Timbre (pronounced "tam-ber") is an assemblage of home accessories created with sound in mind. Every object in the collection produces its own distinct note upon use, appealing to both the visual and auditory senses in the process. Whether through touch or movement, each interaction with a Timbre product enriches your life with gentle tones and elegant aesthetics. Learn more about the Timbre line and hear samples of each item's unique sound here.

Materials: Tray: Silicone; Muddler: Silicone, stainless steel
Tray: 7.52” L x 3.78” W x 1.61” D
Muddler: 7.09” L x 0.16” D
Osaka, Japan