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The Ramen Book

Written by ramen expert Hayato Ishiyama, the "Ramen Book" is a bilingual guide to one of the most iconic dishes of Japan. Exploring the history of ramen through anecdotes and restaurant profiles, the Ramen Book explores how this casual noodle dish has grown to characterize Japanese regional cuisine, from Sapporo’s thick miso ramen, to Tokyo’s salty soy-sauce broth. With chapters on the best ramen shops in Japan, the components of a ramen shop, and the proper way to eat ramen, Ishiyama makes the case for ramen not just as a delicious meal but as a modern Japanese cultural icon.

Written in Japanese and English

About the Author
A self-described "Ramen Journalist", Hayato Ishiyama is one of Japan's expert authorities on ramen. As the founder of the Ramen Kenkyukai, an official ramen society, he has written extensively about the iconic Japanese dish and has eaten at over 6,000 ramen restaurants. A collaborator and researcher for culinary television programs, he frequently consults for ramen brands and restaurants worldwide.

Dimensions: Height: 6" Width: 5" 
Pages: 112
Tokyo, Japan

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