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The Bamboo Basket Handbook

For centuries, Japanese basket craftsmen have passed down their artful techniques to young apprentices, often over the course of years. In this book, you will learn the secrets of the trade, from the art of cutting and slicing bamboo, to how to make your own baskets. Profiles and interviews with respected basket artisans give you an insider look into their ancient weaving, bamboo twisting and basketmaking techniques. Whether you’re following along in English or Japanese, this bilingual edition is an excellent way to practice both your crafting and language skills!

Includes chapters on:
- Foundational bamboo knowledge (the main types and their characteristics)
- Foundational bamboo basket knowledge (their history, regional types and how they were used)
- Basket construction process (selecting the right bamboo, making thin strips, weave types and weaving techniques)
- Maintenance, uses of different baskets, new work by young makers.

Featured artisansIwata Junko, Otani Kenichi, Kodama Mie, Shimizu Takayuki, Seishi Emi

Pages:Â 143
Tokyo, Japan

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