Tarala Ceramic Spoon

Traditionally flatter and shorter than Western spoons, these ceramic spoons are the perfect companion to the medium ceramic bowl. The beige shade is glazed and smooth while the slate shade has a unique rough texture -a common banko-yaki technique- that gives it a rustic sensibility.

Priced individually.

Banko Yaki Ceramics:
Based in the Mie Prefecture, the art of Banko Yaki is a traditional ceramic technique that is entrenched with Japanese culture.  Dating back to  the 18th century, Banko Yaki ceramics offer unique heat resistance and a beautiful but practical composition in muted, earthy colors.  These pieces continue to honor an ancient art in a modern world by reshaping the past to fit the needs of the future.

Materials: Clay, Petalite
Dimensions:  Width: 2” Length: 5"
Care: Handwash and dry thoroughly after use. Not microwave safe.
Yokkaichi, Japan

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