Tanei N°39 Triangle Tote - White (Small)

Designed by cult brand CaBas, this geometric style takes its inspiration from the classic Azuma triangle bag, a traditional Japanese market bag. Made from a sturdy, waterproof cotton, it features an adjustable leather shoulder strap and hidden outer pocket for easy access to your keys and phone. From your work laptop to a favorite novel, you’ll find that everything has a place inside this beautifully folded tote.

About CaBas
CaBas, which translates to “large bag” or “shopping bag” in French, collaborates with ateliers all over Japan to create their cult cotton bags. Every CaBas design stems from the simple tote bag archetype (a universal part of daily life for anyone), reinventing it into an elegant accessory with top-quality stitching and clean, minimalist design. In a special collaboration with atelier Tanei, these CaBas bags are made from a sturdy, durable cotton stitched in the traditional Sashiko-style, then treated to withstand dirt, water, and the elements.

Materials: Cotton, Leather (strap)
Dimensions: Height: 8 1/2" Width: 15"
Tokyo, Japan

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