Sousou Shibori Tenugui - Snow Flower

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A type of thin Japanese cotton textile, tenugui towels are traditionally given as gifts and can be used for everything from wrapping gifts to drying dishes. This beautiful white-and-blue print is dyed with shibori, an ancient Japanese indigo dye technique. The Shibori Tenugui series was created in collaboration with master shibori artists from Kyoto, who designed modern interpretations of traditional Japanese prints for this project. Cool yourself off inside the winter wonderland of Snow Flower- its symmetrical block-print is designed to look like frozen flowers encased in the snow.

Learn how use tenugui towels to wrap bottles, lunches, and much more on Rikumo Journal.

About Sou Sou

Every piece in this colorful collection is infused with vibrant graphic patterns designed by Japanese artist Katsuji Wakisaka. A celebrated textile designer since 1968, Wakisaka’s inspiration comes from the Kyoto landscape and the mod styles of the 1960s.  With a mission to revitalize traditional Japanese styles, his modern designs combine contemporary patterns with traditional Japanese shapes.

Materials: Cotton
Dimensions: Width: 14" Length: 35"
Care: As this product is hand-dyed, you may experience color loss/bleeding. Hand wash separately with cold water and mild detergent. The edges of tenugui towels are seamless, meaning the weft (horizontal thread) at either end will fray with use. Trim any loose strings with scissors. This process will stop after a small fringe forms. 

Kyoto, Japan