SIWA Cushioned Tablet Case

The SIWA collection of bags, accessories, and storage solutions was developed by famed designer Naoto Fukasawa in collaboration with the washi paper specialists ONAO. Fukasawa saw the design potential of “Naoron”, ONAO’s trademark tear and water-resistant paper made from polyolefin and wood pulp and chose it as the basis for these long-lasting products. This material is nearly impossible to tear and ages like a well-worn leather jacket over time.

The SIWA Cushioned Tablet Case is a simple pouch that features padded walls to protect your iPad Mini or other small tablets (please review sizing to ensure compatibility), but we like to use it for cosmetics or as a catch-all for small travel accessories. 

About Naoto Fukasawa
Naoto Fukasawa is an award-winning industrial designer whos works appear in the permanent collection of MoMA. Since 2002 he has worked on the MUJI advisory board and has led the charge on many of their most iconic designs. His work stays true to his personal design philosophies – “design dissolving in behavior”, “center of consciousness”, “normality”, “outline” and “archetype”

Materials: Naoron Paper
Dimensions: 11.5” L x 8.7” H
Care: Do not iron. Do not put wet objects inside. Do not wash. Spot clean stains. Some color loss may happen through repeated use. This is desirable. 
Ichikawamisato, Japan

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