Sea Island Cotton Socks

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The rarest and most luxurious form of cotton in the world, sea island cotton has earned a reputation as one of the finest fibers for textiles, especially those worn close to the skin. These Sea Island Cotton Socks from Knitwin's Hakne label take full advantage of the material's most pleasant properties, turning American-grown cotton into footwear with an incredibly soft texture and breathable weave.

About Knitwin
Katsuji Nishiguchi started the Knitwin brand in 1950 with a single knitting machine he had to operate by hand, sowing the seeds of a company that today houses more than 130 custom-made devices and encompasses three distinct labels. Nishiguchi's grandson, Isato, runs the business now, working closely with Knitwin's designers and engineers to turn the finest fabrics into socks, arm warmers, leggings, and other apparel you won't want to take off.

Materials: 80% American Sea Island cotton, 19% polyester, 1% polyurethane
Small: US men's 5-7, US women's 6-9
Medium: US men's 7-9, US women's 9-11
Care: Wash separately and hang dry.
Nara, Japan