Sasanami Basket

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The Sasanami (meaning “ripple” in Japanese) Basket is handmade by basketweaving master Yoshimichi Yoshida. Drawing from his decades of experience and a sense of nostalgia for the traditional baskets typically found at public bathhouses during his youth, he set out to create an heirloom quality example that could be cherished for years to come. Typically made from rattan, this bamboo version uses pristine bamboo from Fukuoka that is expertly split, boiled, and dried before being woven. With age, the white bamboo it will gracefully change to brown.

About Bamboo Weaving
A traditional building material in Japan, bamboo is used in a number of ways, from architecture to culinary tools. As a building tool, it’s a strong but flexible natural material that grows abundantly throughout Asia. Bamboo basket-making has been a traditional Japanese craft for centuries. Known as Kagome, it is an intricate, incredibly detail-oriented trade that can take decades to master. Although it’s a dying art, basket artisans still work out of small villages throughout Japan, making baskets as well as artistic vessels and custom orders.  

Materials: Bamboo

Small - Height: 5.5” x Diameter: 13.19”
Medium - Height: 7.87” x Diameter: 15.75”

Care: Allow to dry fully between uses. Periodically introduce it to direct sunlight.
Nagano, Japan