ovject Ikebana Vase

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It’s natural to find your mind wandering as you stare into the alluring finish of this enamel glazed basin. It features a slightly irregular shape, and the eye catching contrast between the rich texture of the baked steel plate and the glossy enameled interior is sure to complement whatever you choose to place inside. It was designed by ovject to house plants and flower in the ikebana tradition, but we think it would be equally suited as a catchall for your personal artifacts. Available in two sizes (24cm and 18cm). 

About ovject
ovject does not make objects. ovject is a product label that thinks about design in a way that is not bound by established ideas and perspectives. As a long-established manufacturer of quality enamelware, they create products that make your daily life a little more comfortable and make you think twice about the boundaries of tool-human relationships.

Materials: Enamel glazed steel
Dimensions: 24cm: 9.45" Diameter, 1.97" Height; 18cm: 7.09" Diameter, 1.97" Height
Care: Hand wash. Do not microwave.
Osaka, Japan