ovject Drip Kettle

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Elevate your coffee and tea toolkit with this handmade enameled gooseneck kettle. It features a pleasantly plump shape and an expertly hand-formed spout to allow precise control over your pour. The kettle's long-lasting enamel coating has a ceramic-like finish and is compatible with both induction and gas stoves.

About ovject
ovject does not make objects. ovject is a product label that, under the direction of designer Yoshihiro Mikami, thinks about design in a way unbound by established ideas and perspectives. As a long-established manufacturer of quality enamelware, they create products that make your daily life a little more comfortable and encourage you to think twice about the boundaries of tool-human relationships.

Materials: Body: Enamel-glazed steel. Lid: Wood, Enamel-glazed steel
Dimensions: 7.28” H x 5.51” D x 10.24” W; 1.8L Volume
Care: Hand wash. Do not microwave.
Osaka, Japan