Ovject Double Handle Grill Pot

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Bake, steam, grill, and simmer with this hyper-functional multiuse pan. Your food will be cooked to perfection thanks to the exceptional heat-retaining properties of cast iron, and when the cooking is done, you will appreciate the enamel coating that prevents sticking and makes cleanup a breeze. With its two-piece design, it is essentially three pieces of cookware in one; a dutch oven or braiser with the lid on, a cast iron skillet when using just the base, and a grill plate when the lid is flipped. Compatible with both induction and gas stoves.

Winner of the 2014 Good Design Award. Comes with a 31-page recipe book to get you started.

About ovject
ovject does not make objects. ovject is a product label that thinks about design in a way that is not bound by established ideas and perspectives. As a long-established manufacturer of quality enamelware, they create products that make your daily life a little more comfortable and make you think twice about the boundaries of tool-human relationships.

Materials: Enamel glazed cast iron
Dimensions: 9.45” Outside Diameter (9.06” Inside Diameter), 1.85” Height
Care: Hand wash. Do not microwave.
Osaka, Japan