ovject Bowl, Matte Grey

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These softly textured nesting bowls from ovject have the strength of steel and the tactile feel of handmade ceramics. Measuring only .8mm in thickness, ovject bowls are both light enough to take outdoors and resilient enough to be heated directly over charcoal or open flames. This product is available in four sizes (12.5cm, 18cm, 24cm, and 30cm), making it perfect as either a personal plate or a vessel for serving a crowd. Pairs well with the ovject Rim Plate.

About ovject
ovject does not make objects. ovject is a product label that, under the direction of designer Yoshihiro Mikami, thinks about design in a way unbound by traditional ideas and perspectives. As a long-established manufacturer of quality enamelware, they create products that make your daily life a little more comfortable and encourage you to think twice about the boundaries of tool-human relationships.

Materials: Enameled steel
12.5cm: 4.9" D x 2.05" H
18cm: 7.1" D x 1.95" H
24cm: 9.45" D x 1.95" H
30cm: 11.8" D x 1.95" H
Care: Hand wash. Do not microwave.
Osaka, Japan