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Origami Booklet, Traditional Edition

Marine animals, Japanese flowers, Sumo wrestlers, ghosts.... this handy manual goes beyond the traditional crane shapes to bring you a world of origami. Each page features a traditional chiyogami Japanese pattern: beautiful botanical, animal, and geometric patterns historically thought to bring good luck. Simply tear out and follow the instructions to make your very own folded toys- the inventive shapes and easy steps make for a fun activity for the whole family. 

Includes 24 different patterns.  

About the Author
Kazuo Kobayashi is the chairman of the International Origami Association and director of the Origami Center in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. An origami master, he teaches classes and lectures on the artform to foster international exchange and promote Japanese culture.

Dimensions: Height: 8" Width: 5"  
Pages: 24 
Tokyo, Japan

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