Once Upon a Home Upon a Home

Based on the 2009 Academy-Award winning short film “Tsumiki No Le,” this picture book follows an old man who lives alone in a house surrounded by water. With the rising sea levels, all houses have been submerged long ago and people survive by building new houses on top of the old. After the water rises again, he begins building a new home on top of his roof, but when his tools fall through a hole into the water, he must swim down all the houses he has previously lived in, and revisit his memories of his life before the water rose.  

About the Author
This picture book was created by Kunio Katō, who also directed the short film “Tsumiki No Le,” or “The House of Small Cubes” in 2008. It won the Academy award for best animated short in 2009. Watch the Academy Award-winning short film here. 

Language: Japanese and English
Author: Kenya Hirata Illustrator: Kunio Kato
Pages: 40
Dimensions: Height: 10” Width: 7¾” 
Tokyo, Japan

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