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Okamoto Golden Lotus Necklace

Enhance your own ‘natural’ beauty with this eye catching piece that draws its inspiration from the natural world. The Golden Lotus Necklace commands attention and effortlessly pulls together any look. You’ll find yourself admiring its pleasingly textured surface.

About Sakura Okamoto
A graduate of the Japan Jewelry Craft School, Sakura Okamoto makes organic designs inspired by the beautiful shapes of the natural world. Each of her pieces is handmade with a lost wax technique that gives them a gritty surface. Made with metals like gold and silver, their golden sparkle gives each piece a quiet insistence.

Materials: 925 Sterling silver with gold plating
Dimensions: Max: 45cm; Min: 41cm; 4cm adjuster
Care: Clean regularly with warm water and mild soap and rinse well before drying and softly buffing with a polishing cloth.
Ohita, Japan

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