NuRIEto Coloring Poster

Designed by SwimmyDesignLab, a design studio founded by Philadelphia-trained artist Taku Yoshimizu, this life size coloring poster encourages groups of kids to color together. Presented in cartoon map form, each pattern highlights a section or prefecture of Japan, along with the regional animals, food specialties, and monuments. The posters are also full of quirky Japanese pop culture references and doodles. How many can you find?

Sekai Cheeze: a pun on the Japanese term for “world map” and the word “cheese” as said when taking a picture

Nippon Pon: Nippon is one way to say “Japan” in Japanese.

Tokyo Tokio: The phrase “Time in Tokyo” in Japan.

Nu York: A pun combining the words with “New York.”

Materials: paper
Dimensions: Height: 33" Width: 47"
Yamanashi, Japan

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