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Matte Wine Glass

Upon first glance, this unique wine glass appears to sport a uniform surface of white glass. However, when held against the light, it’s striking half-matte, half-gloss surface becomes visible. The white color provides a stark backdrop to appreciate your favorite wines, and would make a welcome addition to your stemware collection.

About Sugahara
Founded in 1932, Sugahara Glassware is dedicated to creating innovative craft glass with a classic minimalist sensibility. The matte glass collection is characterized by its weightless feel and opaque, matte finish. To achieve this effect, craftsmen seek out to capture a moment in form, the moment of supreme beauty in glass-making. The result is unique hand-made, timeless pieces with a modern edge.

Materials: Glass
Dimensions: Width: 3.15”, Height: 7.09”, Volume: 9.5oz
Care: Hand Wash
Chiba, Japan

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