Matsusaka Cotton Shijimi Bag

$ 52.00 USD

This classic Matsusaka Cotton Shijimi Bag is a modern take on the 500-year-old Iki aesthetic once hugely popular in Edo (modern-day Tokyo) for its sophisticated, minimalist look. A practical and stylish companion for trips to the market or jaunts around town, the Shijimi Bag's dual-layered construction makes it lightweight yet durable, and its compact design minimizes storage needs while still providing ample room for everyday essentials.

About Marukawa Shoten
Fabric from Matsusaka, Japan, rose to prominence in the 16th century as "Matsusaka momen," cotton cloth decorated with delicate patterns of indigo stripes. So ubiquitous was this textile that it came to symbolize the quietly stylish "Iki" aesthetic hugely popular among the people of Edo (now called Tokyo). Today, its timeless look lives on through the efforts of designer Tatsuya Marukawa, a Matsusaka native who built a line of home goods and accessories around this distinctive textile under the name Marukawa Shoten.

Materials: 100% Matsusaka momen (cotton)
Small: 13.4" L x 9.85" W
Large: 15.95" L x 11.6" W
Care: Hand wash only. Avoid leaving in direct sunlight for extended periods to avoid fading. Some color may transfer; transferred dye can simply be washed off.
Matsusaka, Japan