Leather Room Sandals

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Inspired by traditional Zori and Geta sandals, this indoor footwear is made with luxurious suede-like leather. Bespoke details, like the traditional middle thong placement (meant to simulate the act of walking barefoot) and an elevated, cushioned sole pay tribute to the traditional Japanese sandal shape. Designed with Flying Apartment’s “home as a vehicle” philosophy in mind, the soft leather is washable for durability and everyday wear.

Room Shoe Sizing Tips: Room shoes are designed for maximum comfort and are very forgiving when it comes to sizing, but it is important that your foot is not larger than the footbed. To ensure a proper fit, put on the type of socks you plan to wear with your room shoes and measure the length of your foot (in centimeters) while standing. Compare this measurement with the Japanese sizing in the chart below - which is also measured in centimeters - to determine the appropriate size. If you fall between sizes, round up, and if you have particularly wide feet, consider moving up one size. For more tips, check out our Rikumo Journal post on achieving a perfect fit.

About Flying Apartment
The rules and duties that define our world can often create borders, both physical and emotional. Flying Apartment is a project to transcend the physical borders of our homes and recast the home as a portable feeling, a “vehicle that can fly anywhere.” Its concept is simple: to make comfortable, quality products that you can take with you in your travels and that make any stop feel just like home.

Materials: Leather
Sizing: See above

Care: These room shoes feature a soft sole and are designed for indoor use only. Please do not wear them outdoors or on cement. Hand wash gently with a light detergent and air dry in the shade.
Tokyo, Japan