KITO Bandsaw Tray

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These artisan trays were designed by Oji Masanori and are crafted from premium slabs of hard Japanese “Tochi” (Horse Chestnut) wood. Tochi is known for its beautiful wood grain and is a popular choice for creating long-lasting decorative pieces. The separate base and sides are cut to size with a bandsaw before being glued together and coated with a unique non-toxic liquid-glass coating. The resulting tray is an heirloom quality piece that can be used for organizing, serving, and storing goods in any room of the house.

About Oji Masanori
These trays were designed by Oji Masanori for Aizawa Wood Works in Ishikawa, Japan. Oji Masanori is an award-winning designer known for his modern interpretations and improvements on traditional Japanese handicrafts. He is the creative force behind our fan-favorite FUTAGAMI series of brass hardware and accessories.

Materials: TOCHI (Horse Chestnut), Liquid glass coating
Dimensions: No. 1: 11.65" W x 8.58" D x 1.06" H; No. 2: 12.76" W x 9.69" D x 1.54" H; No. 3: 13.94" W x 10.87" D x 2.01" H
Ishikawa, Japan