JYUZAN Blanche Cup, Mocha

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The JYUZAN Blanche Cup exudes a sense of serenity as it appears to float on three points of contact. Great care was taken to create a simple cup with an organic shape and matte finish, one that lends itself to casual daily use. The mocha finish features a soft brown glaze that pairs perfectly with hot coffee and a touch of cream. 

When it was established in Gifu, Japan, more than a century ago, JYUZAN was simply a ceramic tile manufacturer. Over the years, their experts have become specialized in glazing techniques that give their products a trademark texture and depth of color. Today, artisans are still involved in every step of the manufacturing process, so you can enjoy the artistic expression that is only made possible by human hands. Learn more about JYUZAN in this video.

Materials: Clay
Medium: 3.15” Diameter x 2.95” Height
Large: 3.15” Diameter x 3.94” Height

Care: Hand washing is preferable, but it may be placed in the dishwasher. Microwave safe.
Gifu, Japan