JYUZAN Angle Plate

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The Angle series of plates and bowls from JYUZAN features an alluringly soft finish and a depth of glaze that is seldom seen. With this tableware's geometric stylings, you would be forgiven for thinking that they are machine-made, but small details like their softly rounded corners, glaze drips, and slight irregularities when stacking reveal their handmade nature.

When it was established in Gifu, Japan, more than a century ago, JYUZAN was simply a ceramic tile manufacturer. Over the years, their experts have become specialized in glazing techniques that give their products a trademark texture and depth of color. Today, artisans are still involved in every step of the manufacturing process, so you can enjoy the artistic expression that is only made possible by human hands. Learn more about JYUZAN in this video.

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: 10.63” L x 10.63” W x .71” H
Care: Hand washing is preferable, but it may be placed in the dishwasher. Microwave safe.
Gifu, Japan