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Japanese Home Cooking

From master chef Yoshihiro Murata comes the essential primer on making your favorite Japanese dishes form scratch. Written in both Japanese and English, this bilingual cookbook features recipes for timeless favorites like teriyaki and miso soup. Inspired by the menu at Kikunoi, his world-famous restaurant, this book includes recipes in the order of this traditional multi-course kaiseki meal: soups, salads, broiled and deep-fried dishes, as well as one-pot dishes and rice dishes. Murata includes everything from cutting techniques to ingredient lists, making this exhaustive cookbook a perfect tool for enthusiasts and beginners alike. 

About the Author
Yoshihiro Murata is the 3rd-generation chef and owner of Kyoto restaurant Kikunoi, the only restaurant to receive a 7-star rating in Japan's Michelin Guide.  As the chairman of the Japanese Culinary Academy, he has circled the world contributing to the development of Japanese cuisine. From television to books, Murata has become the best-known authority in Japanese cooking. 

Dimensions: Height: 7" Length: 5" Width: 1/2" 
Pages: 144
Tokyo, Japan

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