Sori Yanagi Cast Iron Grill Pan

Sori Yanagi’s famed Nambu Tekki pan combines traditional Japanese design with a modern sensibility. Crafted from a single piece of extra thick cast iron, the pan quickly and evenly distributes heat. The slightly curved edge allows for easy pouring while the cast iron fork can be used for both lifting and serving. Safe for use on gas, electric or induction stovetops

Nambu Tekki is a traditional Japanese iron casting technique that dates back to the early 17th century.  

Legendary designer Sori Yanagi’s kitchen tools embody his values of simplicity and practicality. Influenced by the Japanese folk art movement and modernist ideals, Yanagi’s designs celebrate organic form, beauty and efficiency. 

Materials: cast iron
Dimensions: Height: 3½" Diameter: 13"
Niigata, Japan


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