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Ippodo Tea Gyokuro, Kanro

A shade-cultivated tea with a full-bodied taste, Gyokuro has glossy jade green leaves and a slightly thick yet smooth texture. In Japanese, kanro means “sweet dewdrops”- likewise you will notice a delicate sweet note lingering in every drop of Kanro. Shade cultivation makes the leaves rich in theanine, an amino acid with a pleasant, savory flavor. In Japan, this is called umami. In general, the higher the quality of tea, the richer the umami taste. 

Located in the heart of Kyoto, Ippodo Tea Co. has been cultivating the highest quality of Japanese green tea for nearly 300 years. The tea is harvested in the lush Uji region of Japan, the country’s oldest tea-growing area.

Ingredients: green tea. 
Dimensions: Height: 8" Width: 4"
Volume: 50g
Shelf Life: 180 days from opening. 
Kyoto, Japan

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