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Hitoshizuku Kids Tea Brewing Set

The Hitoshizuku Tea Brewing Set teaches the beautiful tradition of Japanese tea serving to beginner enthusiasts. This little porcelain set includes a little pitcher-like tea pot and a small tea cup, along with instructions on how to pour, steep and serve tea in the Japanese tradition.Â

The tea pot is lidless, allowing you to watch the tea leaves opening slowly with the hot water and giving you a deeper understanding of tea-making. The elongated shape of the pot is made to be held between two hands to practice graceful pouring. Not just a tool to practice tea-making, this ergonomic set allows beginners to acquire the gentle, hospitable spirit of serving tea to family and friends.

Learn how to pour tea using the Hitoshizuku tea brewing set on our Journal. Â

Materials:Â ceramic
Dimensions:Â Teapot - Height: 2¼" Width: 4¾"
           Cup - Height: 1½" Diameter: 2¼"
Care:Â Dishwasher safe.Â
Yamanashi, Japan

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