Hinoki Goat Milk Soap

Bask in the calming and rejuvenating cypress aroma of the Hinoki Goat Milk Soap. Hinoki wood is prized in Japan for its therapeutic cypress scent and has historically been used in the construction of temples and baths. A natural insect repellant, hinoki oil repels microbes and bacteria, while its fresh wooden scent uplifts the spirit and promotes deep relaxation. Made with pure goat's milk, this all-natural soap nourishes and perfumes your skin with the invigorating scent of a Japanese forest. 

Free of parabens and phthalates.

te + te
After many years of working as an artist, Eiko Miyazaki created te+te, a natural wellness collection that harnesses the natural properties of Japanese hinoki trees. Inspired by the concept of forest bathing- the Japanese practice of walking in the woods to invigorate the spirits- te+te aims to reconnect people with nature no matter where they live.  Each product is made in small batches in Miyazaki's small studio in Westchester, using Japanese materials and apothecary techniques.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Sodium Cocoate, Goat's Milk, Water, Sodiu Stearate, Hinoki Essential Oil, Glycerin, Sorbitol, iTtanium Dioxide 
Volume: 5 oz
Made in the USA

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