Hinoki Body Mist

This refreshing body mist is made from plant-based ingredients and essential oil pressed from treasured Hinoki trees, a type of Japanese cypress. Hinoki wood is prized in Japan for its theraupetic and bracing forest scent, historically used in the construction of spiritual temples and baths. 

 A natural insect repellant, the hinoki body mist repels microbes and bacteria, while its fresh wooden scent uplifts the spirit and promotes deep relaxation. Its pure essential oil and organic aloe vera blend hydrates and restores your skin throughout the day.

No petros, sulfates, or artificial additives. 

Materials: Organic Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) leaf juice, Organic Propananediol(corn), chamaecyparis obtuse (Hinoki) essential oil
Volume: 4 oz

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