Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist

The Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist is drawn from Hiba essential oils and contains a unique woodsy fragrance reminiscent of cedarwood. The spray has natural insect repellent properties,  and can be used to treat odors, eczema of the skin, and relaxation of mind and body. Hiba Wood Oil is sourced from 300-year old Hiba trees from Aomori, Japan, which is traditionally used for building of pagodas. Its fragrance is purifying, uplifting, and naturally antimicrobial. 

A relaxing line of body works from Studio Cue LA, a peaceful daytime retreat founded by Keiko Matsuo, a Japanese holistic qui therapist.  

Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

Ingredients: aomori hiba oil & distilled water 
Volume: 8 oz
Caution: Avoid use during pregnancy.

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