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Hasami Porcelain Teapot - Gloss

With its wide size, the Hasami Teapot is made for pouring tea among friends after a long day.  Coated in a clear grey gloss, details of raw clay are left on its edges as a thoughtful signature of craftsmanship.

Hasami Porcelain is designed by Taku Shimoto, whose pieces embody a "tortoise lifestyle": slow, steady, and long-lasting. His modular, stackable pieces are inspired by lacquer tiered boxes used in Japanese cuisine, and  the geometrical, clean shapes of midcentury modern design. Hasami Porcelain is made in Hasami,  where ceramics have been the main craft industry for 400 years.

Materials: clay
Dimensions: Height: 4" Diameter: 6"
Care: Dishwasher and microwave safe. Not stove top safe.
Nagasaki, Japan

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