Hasami Porcelain Tall Teapot with Strainer - Black

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This practical teapot from the Hasami collection is a simple and effective way to maximize your tea experience. It comes with a micro-perforated stainless steel strainer that allows all of the complex aromatics and flavor compounds to fully bloom from a wide variety of teas. It features a matching porcelain lid that doubles as a teabag holder. Brews up to 17 fl. oz.

About Hasami
Hasami Porcelain is designed by Taku Shimoto, whose pieces embody a "tortoise lifestyle": slow, steady, and long-lasting. His modular, stackable pieces are inspired by lacquer tiered boxes used in Japanese cuisine, and the geometrical, clean shapes of mid-century modern design. Hasami Porcelain is made in Hasami, Nagasaki, where ceramics have been the main craft industry for 400 years.

Please note: because of the handmade nature of Hasami pieces, some pieces may experience slight variations in glaze and colors. Please contact us at info@rikumo.com with any questions. 

Materials: Clay, Porcelain
Dimensions: 3.25" Diameter, 6.5" Height
Care: While this teapot is dishwasher safe, we always recommend handwashing and drying. Teapot is microwave safe, but the strainer is not. 
Nagasaki, Japan