Hasami Porcelain Planter - Single

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Like the rest of our popular Hasami collection, this piece is made from an organic mixture of porcelain and clay. The planter features a centered hole to provide proper drainage for your plants, keeping them healthy and happy. Its minimalist form brings harmony and symmetry to an otherwise lush living plant body. Also available as a Hasami Porcelain Planter Set.

Please note: Each individual Hasami Porcelain Planter is handmade and therefore unique. Photos demonstrate the design of each piece, but the final product may differ slightly. The high quality and stately aesthetics of Hasami Porcelain products are uniform across every piece, however. Please contact us at info@rikumo.com with any product inquiries.

About Hasami Porcelain
The Hasami Porcelain line is designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto, whose pieces embody a "tortoise lifestyle" - slow, steady, and long-lasting. The entire Hasami collection is modular by design; mugs, plates, bowls, and planters share the same diameter, allowing for easy stacking for storage or display. (Inspiration for this convenient feature came from the tiered boxes used in Japanese cuisine, now repurposed for modern living.) Each piece is molded by hand from a unique clay mixture in Hasami, Nagasaki, where ceramics have been celebrated as art for the past 400 years.

Materials: Clay, porcelain
Dimensions: 4.25" H x 3.25" D
Hasami Porcelain has high thermal stability and is free from lead and cadmium.

Nagasaki, Japan