Handmade Pot Holder - Book

$ 38.00 USD

This handmade potholder is a whimsically bookish way to lift hot pots and pans safely. Made by hand-sewing swatches of surplus and scrap fabric, every potholder is one of a kind and made in an artist’s workshop in Nagoya.

How to Use: Grip the outside of the potholder, using the hollow inside to safely grip the handle of a hot pot or pan.

About Noriko Nakao
Noriko Nakao is a multidisciplinary artist from Nagoya, Japan who started making ceramic arts in 1998. She has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions throughout Japan. Everything she creates is one of a kind and is the result of her inspirations at the moment of creation. Her hope is to make something that will make your daily life a little more fun.

Materials: Outer: Cotton, Filling: Polyester
Dimensions: L: 4.5”, W: 3.5”, H: 1”
Nagoya, Japan