Field Good Gloves

$ 12.50 USD

Designed to complement their line of gardening tools, these gloves from Field Good will stand up to any garden task with style. Available in either silver or gold, they feature an oversized cuff and stretch to accommodate many hand sizes. Smartphone compatible.

About Field Good
Forged in Niigata Prefecture at the foot of Mt. Sumon along the fertile banks of the Shinano River, Field Good creates implements that honor the land while aiding the gardener. Niigata - and the city of Tsubame in particular - has a rich metalworking history and produces some of the finest tools in the world.

Materials: Polyester, cupro, cotton
Dimensions: 11" L x 5.5" W
Care: Shake out between uses and keep dry. Hand wash when needed.
Tsubame, Japan