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FD Style Measuring Spoon

The FD Style Measuring Spoon allows you to measure both tea and tablespoons at once with your favorite ingredients. Three round pockets measuring one teaspoon each (fill up the three spaces to make a whole tablespoon.) The stark black color makes grains and liquids stand out for precise measuring, while the non-stick resin coating ensures every last drop and gram falls into your mixture. Â

About FD Style
The FD Style collection is designed by architect Hagino Mitsunobu, whose minimalist designs pare each tool down to its essential elements. Made from stainless steel coated with a matte fluorocarbon polymer resin, every tool in the collection is ergonomic, easy to clean, and multifunctional. The FD Style collection is produced in the region of Niigata, where metalworking is the regional specialty.Â

Materials:Â Stainless Steel, Resin Coating
Dimensions: Width: 1¼” Length: 6½”
Care: Hand-wash only with non-abrasive materials.
Niigata, Japan

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