Dougami Choko Cup, A

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The Choko series from artist Sumiko Dougami features geometric shapes on an understated cream glaze. The cylindrical shape makes it ideal as an heirloom-quality sake drinking “choko” cup, but we also like it for delicious sips of hot tea.

About Dougami
Dissatisfied with the cold impression that porcelain can often leave, artist Sumiko Dougami focuses her efforts on hand-formed and organic pieces that showcase the spirit of the artist. A graduate from the Aichi Prefectural Seto Pottery School, she embellishes her work with freehand motifs and contemporary shapes painted on with “gosu pigment”.

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Varies, but approximately: 2.25” Height, 3” Diameter
Care: Hand wash and dry
Kanazawa, Japan