Soba Choko Cup

This small dipping cup is traditionally used for eating soba, a favorite Japanese buckwheat noodle dish. Choko translates as “small cup” in Japanese, so Soba Choko is a “small cup for soba”, and they are perfect for soba tsuyu (soba dipping sauce), dashi, and other condiments to dip noodles into. Handleless and smooth, it can also be used as a tea cup on days when soba is not on the menu.   

The white cup features a smooth metallic silver lining, while speckles of silver dust the bottom of the black cup, sparkling like the night sky reflected upon water.  Whichever color you choose, these cups make your meal as special as a work of art.

Learn how to make soba on our Journal.

About Ryuji Ishikawa: Ryuji Ishikawa is a ceramic artist based in Tokyo who molds all of his work with a handmade sensibility. His ceramics explore traditional Japanese culinary shapes like soba noodle bowls and sake bottles, turning them into contemporary treasures for the modern home. Whether you’re in Tokyo or New York City, his wares are made to bring the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship into the everyday meal.

Materials: Ceramic
Dimensions: Height: 2.4" Width: 3.1"
Care: Hand wash carefully with soap and water. Please note that these are slim-made cups and susceptible to breakage. Please handle with care and avoid collisions against other objects.  
Tokyo, Japan

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