Chidoriya Tsuge Brush

For generations, whenever a girl was born in the Ibusuki region of Japan, a boxwood tree was planted. When she married, combs and furniture were handcrafted from the same tree. Following that tradition, the wood for the Tsuge Brush comes from the same lustrous boxwood. Its bristles are treated with strengthening camellia oil to leave your hair nourished and shiny, and unlike plastic, it won’t produce static or break your hair.

Brushing with the Tsuge Brush stimulates the scalp and distributes your hair’s natural oils evenly throughout the strands, making a true difference in women with dry or unhealthy hair. A beautiful gift to a dear woman in your life on a special occasion.

Materials: boxwood, camellia oil
Dimensions: Height: 1" Length: 6¾"
Care: Do not let the brush get wet, use on damp hair, or clean with soap and water. To maintain, use a soft toothbrush to clean the teeth, soak the comb overnight in Chidoriya Pure Camellia Oil  every three months, and wipe clean with a cloth. 

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