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Chidoriya Silk Facial Mitten

The Chidoriya Silk Facial Mitten is crafted in Gunma Prefecture, where silk is the main trade. In preparation, mill silkworms are fed organic mulberry leaves, creating a thread with a pure amino protein component that is similar to the one found in human skin cells. The resulting protein-rich silk gently buffs away impurities and dry skin cells to help skin maintain its natural moisture level. 

Not tested on animals. 

About Chidoriya
As beautiful and mysterious as a delicate flower, Japanese geisha were once revered for their immaculate skin and refined beauty. Inspired by their secret skincare routines, Chidoriya has been creating natural and organic skin care products since 1949. Each product is made by hand in the USA using traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques passed down through the generations. Learn more about Chidoriya and their rich history on our Journal.

Mitten Body - 100% Silk; Edging - 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Dimensions:  Width: 3¼" Length:  3"
How to Use: Slip mitten into your hand, then wet slightly with warm water and apply soap to the silk. Raise to face and gently massage and scrub in a circular motion.
Care: Rinse off mitten after use. Squeeze water out of the mitten and hang dry after use. 
Made in the USA

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