Chidoriya Secret De Maiko Face Cream

Maiko, or young apprentice geishas, were beauty icons revered for their soft, youthful skin. Chidoriya’s all-natural Secret de Maiko face cream is inspired by their original make-up base cream, combining 100% pure Japanese camellia oil, organic rosehip seed oil and pure essential rosewood and geranium oils with a certified organic shea butter base. The all-natural formula helps relieve dry, itchy skin and reduce blemishes for a youthful, wholesome glow. 

Established in 1949, Chidoriya creates organic skin care products using traditional Japanese ingredients with a modern twist. Today, many popular face creams use synthetic emulsifiers and preservatives, which are necessary to combine oil and water. Chidoriya simplifies the process of creating facial creams, replacing preservatives and other "water-phase" ingredients with natural ingredients. 

How to Use
Take a small amount (about the tip of your pinkie finger) into your fingers and rub together until it melts. Apply to skin, massaging in a circular motion for an enhanced, relaxing experience. 

Ingredients: certified organic shea butter, organic rosehip seed oil, rosewood oil, geranium oil
Volume: 1 oz
Care: Keep in a dry, non-humid place. Refrigerating during the hot summer months will keep this butter-based cream from melting in the heat.

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